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UPVC Door Repairs This page is for a few links to uPVC door repairs across South Yorkshire, including Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. We can repair your faulty doors and windows and save you hundreds of pounds by repairing your doors. If you think you need a new door because your uPVC door lock has failed - DON'T - uPVC Door Repairs. We are experienced in repairing and replacing faulty door and window locking mechanisms.  We are the leading professional door repair service in the South Yorkshire region. We can get parts for all major uPVC door brands like Yale, Mila, Fuhr, GU, Advocet, ERA, Ferco, Lockmaster, Winkhaus and many more. We can repair uPVC doors & windows, aluminium and wooden doors and windows regardless of age. Some double glazing installers have finished, leaving customers with no warranty.  When someone needs  uPVC Door Repairs Barnsley  to cut costs from buying a new door, they are happy with the simple and effective repairs we can carry out. We c

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Window Security - securing your home against burglars

Window Security Introduction Year on year statistically, 75% of all burglaries are via the door. This leaves a 25% chance of a burglar targeting your windows for entry into your home and in certain areas of the country this percentage will of course be higher. This is why window security is still important. There are two methods of entry for forcing entry via a locked window. 1. Window levering The burglar will use a flat bladed screwdriver or crowbar to target the keeps where the bolts engage into the window frame. Once these keeps are broken or the window frame is levered to allow the bolts to pop out of the keeps, the window is opened easily, effectively bypassing all of the window security. Sash Jammer SheffLOCK advise you to install internal a lockable Sash Jammer that provide excellent reinforcement of your windows should any such attempt be made. 2. Window Glass Smashing The majority of households at best will have a toughened inner and outer pane of glass installed in any

Locked out of your house in South Yorkshire

  Some of the things you can do when you are in a pickle after locking yourself out of your house or flat. 1: Look for unlocked windows or doors Unlocked  doors  and  windows are the first check and  can get you out of a tough situation when you’re locked out. 2: Seek help If you know someone who has a key then give them a call to let them know you are locked out. You can then decide what priorities are at hand and if you are inconveniencing your flatmate. If you rent your place,  try reaching out to your landlord . They will usually have a copy of your house key and may be close enough to unlock the door. If you live in an apartment complex,  stop by the manager’s office  and ask for access to your unit. Have proof of identity on-hand alongside evidence that you do indeed live in the complex. But beware: many apartment complexes charge lockout fees if the staff has to help you get back inside. 3: Call a local locksmith If your lock is broken then local locksmiths are cheaper than call

Locksmiths In South Yorkshire

 Locksmiths In South Yorkshire As one of the top South Yorkshire locksmith companies we have been supplying locksmith services to the local areas of Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. We have separate websites for local residents to be able to find local information that has been tailored to their needs. Locksmith Barnsley | Locksmith Chesterfield | Locksmith Doncaster | Locksmith Rotherham | Locksmith Sheffield Each area covers the same set of services provided by SheffLOCK being: Sheffield Locksmith Emergency boarding up Sheffield Locked out Sheffield UPVC door repairs Sheffield UPVC window repairs Sheffield UPVC doors Sheffield Composite doors Sheffield UPVC windows Sheffield Burglary repairs Sheffield Ultion locks Sheffield Anti snap locks Sheffield Lock Lock door handles Sheffield Laminated glass Sheffield Replacement double glazed units Sheffield Misted windows Sheffield Sash Jammers Sheffield Barnsley Locksmith Emergency boarding up Barnsley Locked

Anti snap lock reviews

Anti snap lock reviews Most doors can be broken into in less than a minute. Lock snapping continues to be an active method of burglaries in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley & Doncaster. Protect your home by fitting a high security anti snap locks to all your external doors Lock snapping burglary Most homes in are secured by euro cylinder locks which have a central bolt to hold the lock in place in the door. This area has been found to be vulnerable and can allow a burglar to gain quick and extremely quiet access to properties in less than a minute. In some cases under 15 seconds! Lock snapping is the preferred method of attack by burglars now. There has been many television reports to highlight this situation and a quick look on You Tube will give you more exact instructions on how to carry out this method. How is this actually possible? The euro cylinder was made to make lock changing easier in a multipoint lock which are found in uPVC doors, which were becoming the standard fi

Composite Doors Sheffield

  Composite Doors Sheffield Like I said previously, I am here to write about subjects that I am currently working on and as the title suggests Composite Doors in Sheffield is one of them. THE main furnishing in our home that keeps us safe is our front door. This is the most important security feature we have and so it important to make sure it fits our needs and keep it well maintained. There has been many advances in the modern years in creating strong materials, weather resistant materials and a great selection of weather resistant paint finishes. Wood doors gave us strong and secure doors but were prone to need regular painting to keep them in top shape. UPVC doors came along with their brilliant white finish and were all the rage for a decade, but as people do, they get bored of the same colour and wanted something that had the same weather resistant characteristics but had a range of colours to choose from. This is where composite doors come in as they have the strength of the woo