Anti snap lock reviews

Anti snap lock reviews

Most doors can be broken into in less than a minute.

Lock snapping continues to be an active method of burglaries in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley & Doncaster.

Protect your home by fitting a high security anti snap locks to all your external doors

Lock snapping burglary

Most homes in are secured by euro cylinder locks which have a central bolt to hold the lock in place in the door. This area has been found to be vulnerable and can allow a burglar to gain quick and extremely quiet access to properties in less than a minute. In some cases under 15 seconds!

Lock snapping is the preferred method of attack by burglars now. There has been many television reports to highlight this situation and a quick look on You Tube will give you more exact instructions on how to carry out this method.

How is this actually possible?

The euro cylinder was made to make lock changing easier in a multipoint lock which are found in uPVC doors, which were becoming the standard fitting by the double glazing market. 

The way lock snapping works is that if enough force is applied to the cylinder it will break at it's weakest point. After which the burglar will have access to the internal locking mechanism and can then unlock your door. 

Fit an anti snap lock to your external doors

There are now available euro cylinders that will completely resist this method of attack and protect your property. We can change over your existing weak euro cylinders to these very high security anti snap locks. The appearance of your door will remain virtually unchanged but your security will be increased immensely. 

These new locks have also come with added security benefits that include...

  • Anti-Pick protection
  • Anti-Drill protection
  • Anti-Bump protection

How they work is best described in a home visit and demonstration. There is no charge for this and no obligation to have your locks changed straight away. 

Lock Lock Handles - The ultimate protection. 

The thieves invariably have to break the bottom half of the outside handle off before snapping the lock cylinder. The bottom screw that holds the handle on are often thin and weak. Lock lock high security handles offer protection by not be able to be gripped or broken.

These handles will not fit all doors but do the vast majority. Add these handles to an anti snap lock and you can be safe that no thief will ever be able to access your door via lock snapping. 

For further information on anti snap locks you can visit the SheffLOCK YouTube channel or click on one of the links above.

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