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Window Security - securing your home against burglars

Window Security Introduction Year on year statistically, 75% of all burglaries are via the door. This leaves a 25% chance of a burglar targeting your windows for entry into your home and in certain areas of the country this percentage will of course be higher. This is why window security is still important. There are two methods of entry for forcing entry via a locked window. 1. Window levering The burglar will use a flat bladed screwdriver or crowbar to target the keeps where the bolts engage into the window frame. Once these keeps are broken or the window frame is levered to allow the bolts to pop out of the keeps, the window is opened easily, effectively bypassing all of the window security. Sash Jammer SheffLOCK advise you to install internal a lockable Sash Jammer that provide excellent reinforcement of your windows should any such attempt be made. 2. Window Glass Smashing The majority of households at best will have a toughened inner and outer pane of glass installed in any